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Küfre Bay


Küfre Bay

Coordinates 36°52'54.00" N - 28°3'27.00" E
Chart No 311

Küfre Koyu is situated on the NE of Yedi Adalar. The bay is surrounded by pine forest, and it ends by stream and marshy shallowness. Küfre Koyu affords all-round shelter except for southerlies.

The cove at the entry on the northern slopes, indenting to the north; affords all-round shelter. Drop your anchor in 14-17 meters and get a line ashore. A bight by the end, arching in; is called as Küfre Koyu. There is space for 4-5 boats. Anchor in 7-10 meters and take a line ashore. A wooden pier by the shore is for small fishing boats. The eastern shores of Küfre Koyu are shallows.

The forest path goes in and reaches Değirmenyanı, Datça - Marmaris highway. There are two family operated restaurants by the stream, they provide service for the visiting boats.This path also goes by the cottages, hidden under trees; here Papaz lives in uncle Kemas cottage, he is becoming the symbol of Küfre. He is enjoying the life with visitors and he lives with cats, dogs and parrots.

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