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Maden Bay


Maden Bay

Coordinates 36°49'51.00" N - 28°3'9.00" E
Chart No 3111

Maden Koyu indents to the farthest east in Dördübet. The slopes are densily wooded by pine trees. The stream at the end lies in. Maden Koyu affords all-round shelter. Strong westerlies send swell in. The bottom is muddy, provides excellent holding. Drop anchor in 8-12 meters and get a line ashore. The southern side where there is short wooden pier is a nice spot for anchoring. This pier belongs to Amazon Camping. The forest path is good for jogging under attractive settings, it goes to Amazon Camping. Boats can also swing at anchor in 10-12 meters. The depths get shallow by northern side.

Do not forget to see the stream with dinghy. A canal, which is indicated with buoys, follows north shore and joins into stream, it goes to the Amazon Camping pier inside. Amazon Camping is a quite resort, popular among nature-addicted people. They can come and pick you up from the pier if you contact them via VHF. They provide services for the visiting boats. Some provisions can be found. They arrange late afteroon sun-set tours by jeeps. They provide real comfort so that you enjoy stupendous view while sipping your drinks. And then if you are lucky, you can see the moon rising and dancing above the Gökova Gulf.


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