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Coordinates 36°56'33.00" N - 28°11'11.00" E
Chart No 311

Söğüt Bay lies on the southwest of Karaca Ada, between Points Dede Burnu and Küçükyalı Burnu. The slopes are covered by pine forest.The large planting area behind with its stream is very productive. There are several anchorages in the bay. There are good depths and the bottom is good for anchor holding. Söğüt Bay is a winter port, providing all-round shelters. A number of boats are wintered afloat here.

The shores on the west at the entry, are adequate shelters with a line ashore. The bights on north and south by the Global Sailing Academy are attractive anchorages. The settings are beutiful. The shores on the east are open to westerlies, they are fairweather anchorages. The jetty by the village side has berthing capacity up to 50 boats. Village administration manages the jetty. Water, electricity and wireless connection are available. No moorings. Provisions are available from the markets. Ice and butane bottles are found. Fuel can be obtained from tanker- truck. State clinic is located in the village zone. Regular transport services are available to Marmaris (22 km). The water here is well known for its purity. A nice fountain is built in the place of village where Ottoman Naval Commander Piri Reis has got his water.

A wooden pier with berthing capacity for 15 boats, extends in the middle, near by the stream. The depths come up quickly to the shore. Laid moorings tailed to the quay. Water, electricty and wireless connections are available. There is a restaurant and market in the complex. Laundry service is given to the visitors.

A rough path goes into forest, strolling around is a delight. The setting is real wonderfull.

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